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Why this blog ?

Before 2018 and since a decade, I was working in the monitoring and reporting field. Circa 2018, I moved to a new role and started to work with Dell Technologies storage enablers (vRO plugins, Ansible modules and Kubernetes CSI driver).

This change, beyond the technology, modified drastically my interaction with partners, customers and the overall ecosystem. In the monitoring field the competition is so harsh and we always have strive and struggle to get solutions. Within the open world, there is more collaboration between the player of that eco-system and knowledge share.

I thought it was time to payback and share my experiences if it may help others.

I hope you will enjoy the reading :-)

Why this name ?

Obviously the name is a reference to Chaos engineering and Netflix and storage because… DellEMC ! :-)

Used technologies

  • Hosting
    • Cloudflare
    • Fedora
    • Docker
    • Traefik
    • nginx
  • Dev
    • Fedora
    • vim or vscode it depends
    • jekyll



Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer aka #iworkfordell.


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