June 2020 Dell storage enablers big update !

By on ・ Mise à jour des drivers CSI pour PowerMax, Isilon, Unity, VxFlexOS et modules Ansible pour Isilon & Unity ・

Every quarter Dell Technologies ships new versions of his CSI Drivers and Ansible modules.

Dell EMC has anounced new set of CSI Drivers for their storage arrays. Some highliths for these June 2020 releases:

  • Qualifications for Openshift 4.3 and Kubernetes 1.16 for all the drivers
  • Easy upgrade with the CSI Operator for all the drivers
  • Helm 3 support for all the drivers
  • Multi-array support for PowerMax and Unity
  • NFS support for Unity
  • Volume expansion for Isilon
  • Volume cloning for PowerMax
  • CHAP for PowerMax

For the Ansible modules you will have:

For more details you can check :