Dell Container Storage Modules 1.5 release

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The release of our flagship products for storage management in Cloud-native App Dell CSI Drivers & Dell Container Storage Modules (CSM) is there !

The official changelog can be consulted on the CHANGELOG directory of the CSM repository

CSM Features

CSM Operator

The CSM Operator, which is still in tech-preview, allows the management to CSI driver and its Dell Container Storage Modules at once, as opposite to the CSI Operator which manages CSI only.

CSM 1.5 comes with the support for PowerFlex CSI Driver, the Authorization Proxy Server and the Observability for PowerFlex & PowerScale.

(tech-preview) CSM Application mobility

Also, and for the first time on that channel a live demo of the CSM Application Mobility:

CSI features

This release gives for every driver the support of:

  • OpenShift 4.11
  • Kubernetes 1.25

CSI PowerMax

  • Support for standalone Helm Chart install, which enables easier deployment from agent like fluxCD or ArgoCD. The tradeoff is that you have to make sure all the pre-requisites are there (iscsi service, multipath, etc.)
  • SRDF Metro support across Namespaces, it means that you can create a fault domain for multiple namespaces at once & you don’t need to create a storageClass per RDF Group.
  • Filter Topology Keys,
  • Migrate volume from replicated to normal and vice-versa with help of annotations. note that it only works with synchronous and asynchronous replication ; not metro.

CSI PowerScale

  • Configurable path length, in case your base path is longer than 128 characters you can configure the driver to allow longer path in the variable named maxPathLen.

CSI PowerStore

  • NVMe-over-FC is now supported ; note that the more popular NVMe-over-TCP wass already supported since the driver version 2.2.0
  • VolumeGroupSnapshot Support to be able to snap multiple PV at once

CSI PowerFlex

  • Support for QoS

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